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Finding Alternatives to Chemical Insecticides
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Mechanism of Action


Pheromone Traps
Above, is a picture of a despenser, loaded with manufactured pheromones. They trap insects inside and are used for monitoring purposes such as, the population of insects and the effectiveness of the use of pheromones. 

Mating disruption

Some farmers have any pheromone dispensers around their crops to try and confuse the male insects. With so many pheremones being released, the male insect gets confused and does not know which trail to follow.

If males are prevented from locating or mating with females, pest populations will decline.

The male insect flies upwind trying to find the trail, and finds reduced concentrations of pheromones. Pockets of high and low concentrations is required for proper upwind flight. If the air is filled uniformly with pheromone, their sense of smell may tire and they will longer respond to the pheromone.