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Finding Alternatives to Chemical Insecticides
The Advantages and Disadvantages
The Costs
Mechanism of Action

The Advantages and Disadvantages


Using pheromones can be used at anytime during crop growth.  Farmers can predict the best time to apply insecticides. This can help reduce the insecticide applications and production costs. Also, insects do not become resistant to using the pheromone method, and it is non-toxic.

Outbreaks or rebounds of pests, using pheromones,  doesn't usually happen. This creates opportunities for the biological control of other pests.


Sometimes, scientists cannot duplicate a pheromone for some species of insects and the development and production costs may be quite high. Pheromones used to disrupt mating will can also prevent moths from locating traps.

Male insects may also be attracted to pheromones so much, that they begin to reproduce at a rapid rate.